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RITA KARNOPP ~ Romancing the West
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I'm please to announce the release of my fifteenth book, Thunder.

BUY HERE:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FM1IO0U

     The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is a volatile, exciting, and action-packed world and even more so behind the scenes.   Keme (Thunder), a Blackfeet fan favorite wrestler at the top of his game, is found hanging from the rafters of his training facility.  Is it murder . . . or suicide?

     Thunder’s fiancé and undercover FBI agent, Chloe Evans has been posing as an employee selling memorabilia at WWE events - looking for evidence of blood diamonds.  And now Thunder is dead and his daughter is missing.  She has no choice but to work with his prejudiced and stubborn brother, Mingan, to save Nuttah and expose the truth about Thunder’s death. 

     Mingan (Gray Wolf) is certain his twin brother wouldn’t commit suicide.  Entering the world of professional wrestling and fulfilling Thunder’s obligations, Mingan begins by scrutinizing everything around Thunder’s life, starting with the beautiful and haunting Chloe.  As hard as he tries to keep her at a distance, he is pulled to her like adrenaline on a choke hold.  If they find his niece, they will find his brother’s killer . . . or will they uncover something more sinister going on?

              The best way to reach me:

        email:  ritakarnopp@bresnan.net


                Publisher Site: http://bookswelove.net/karnopp.php 

                      Facebook:  http://www.rita.karnopp@facebook.com

                               Web:  http://ritakarnopp.com

                               Blog:  http://mizging.blogspot.com  

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     Although originally from Wisconsin, my  husband and I have lived in Montana since 1977 and consider ourselves Montanas. I've been writing for over twenty years. 
     I'm drawn to the history of the Native American and strive to bring alive the authenticity of a time past.  When Writing suspense or contemporary romance, I enjoy bringing excitement and the enduring power of love to my stories.
     I'm proud and happy to be signed with my new publisher Books We Love.  It's been a great connection . . . one I see doing great things together.  Their professionalism and business sense is making it's mark in todays market . . . and I'm so grateful to be a part of it all. 
     Since March 2012  Books We Love has released fifteen books on Amazon.com.  Check for releases in 'print... if that's your preference since most are in print - and all will be in print soon.  Find more information on these books in the 'Books' section.
     When I'm not reading, writing or doing research, I enjoy making dream catchers, rock hounding, gold panning, crystal digging, rafting, fishing, canoeing, and spending time with my family.



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Order Jewish Soul - Click link

BOOK THREE RELEASES -Tango of Death Series -  JEWISH SOUL - Mayla Sucuri’s world is falling apart . . . no Gypsy is safe in Hitler’s Germany. 

Her twin sister, Vanya, has just run off with her love and joined the partisans. Now Mayla is being forced to leave her papa and younger sister, Zilka, with the kumpania.

Heading to Switzerland with her mother, to the safety of her Grandmother’s chalet in Switzerland, Mayla fears she’ll never see any of them again. Her grandmother is connected to every high official in the SS. But not everything isn’t as it appears. 

Because of her drive to be a doctor, Mayla finds herself invited to Dachau and Auschwitz. She quickly finds herself in the company of Doctor Josef Mengele and Doctor Sigmund Rascher, who are only too willing to share the results of their medical experiments on Jews and Gypsies. 

At great personal risk, Mayla refuses to turn down the opportunity to take notes and bear witness to the atrocities happening at the concentration camps. Mayla is drawn to Auschwitz where the distinctions between good and evil become blurred in a world turned upside down. Will it get her killed or will her unwavering resolve give her the strength and courage to rescue her sisters from the gas chambers?


Sign into my guest book - Romancing the West

"Dishin' It Out"

Authors Ginger Simpson and Rita Karnopp join forces to Dish It Out!


Dishin' it Out is a great place to chat with authors, find out what's happening in our world and an opportunity to be introducted to authors you love or would like to meet. It's our goal to be up-to-date and share information on writing, reading, and just a bit of personal stuff we feel we want to share.  Ginger Simpson is a great author ~ and a dear friend . . .  join us...won't you? 

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Sarah's Heart

Previously published as Sarah's Journey

Will the man of mixed blood save her life, or will she save his?

When Sarah Collins sets her sights on California for a new beginning, she never dreams a war party will attack the wagon train she travels on.  She and her new-found friend Molly are the sole survivors, but when Molly succumbs to her injuries, Sarah is left alone to find her way back to civilization. While trying to mount a stolen horse, she suffers a rattlesnake bite that threatens to accomplish what the Indians failed.  Is it her time to die or does Sarah have a purpose she's yet to discover?

Click here for Sarah's Heart


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